Extreme Sex Types

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The sex types that were listed previously are the ones that are more extreme. Now we’re going to look at a few more sexual situations that are still considered taboo but aren’t as extreme.

Public Sex

Public sex is just the act of having sex in public. The people who enjoy this don’t necessarily want people to watch or know what they’re doing. They like the thrill of possibly being caught even if they don’t let anyone know what they’re actually doing.


Exhibitionism can go hand and hand in public sex because it’s the act of enjoying being watched while having sex. These people love when strangers watch them getting pleasure and, sometimes, they get more excited when more people are watching.



Voyeurism is the act of enjoying watching people have sex without actually participating. Some of the people who do this enjoy masturbating while watching but they don’t join in any other way. While most of these people have the consent of the participating parties, some of them enjoy watching people that don’t know they are there. They like the idea of watching something they aren’t supposed to.


Fetish is one of those things that have a wide range of interests. People can have multiple different fetishes and there are so many. If you can imagine it, it’s probably someone’s fetish. A few common fetishes are: foot fetishes, age play, gagging, humiliation, and tentacles. All of the different fetishes have different aspects to them. Some people like to dress up while others like to do a full role play.


Cuckolding is when a man watches another man have sex with his wife. They enjoy watching a stranger give their wives pleasure and, sometimes they masturbate while watching. There are many pornography videos out there where the husband is fully clothes and give the impression that they don’t like it.


Swinging is when a person participates in group sex and switching of partners. A lot of couples are into this and have very specific rules, such as: no kissing and no private playing. There are specific clubs just for this and there are rules that need to be followed, as well as paperwork filled out to confirm you are disease free.